Your doctor is your best source of information

By | 7 January 2022

ED When a man enjoys sex, his penis does not tighten and does not expand or stand. If you have erectile dysfunction, you should consult your doctor. It can help a person with CIALIS AIDS to stop and stop having sex.

Even if I have severe ED, can Cialis® work for me?

Yes. Cialis® has been shown to work in men at all levels of ED. However, individual results may vary. Treatment options for erectile dysfunction Your doctor is your best source of information.

Can I have Cialis® if I have diabetes?

Yes. The results of studies on men in the general population, including diabetics, and a study of only one man with diabetes show that 68% of men with diabetes have improved erectile dysfunction.

How should I take Cialis®?

Tiafil Tablet Price In Pakistan comes in 20 mg doses and can be taken with or without food. Pills Psychological Articles from 30 minutes to 36 hours, Cialis® can help you stop if you are sexually aroused. Your results may vary. Do not take Cialis® more than once every 24 hours. Do not take Cialis® more often than your doctor recommends.

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